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Mrs Polly's Lucite

Voodoo Working Necklace and Earrings

Voodoo Working Necklace and Earrings

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This set is inspired by the Victorian world of mourning, memento mori and the Gothic style.

Perfect for your Halloween Days too.

The Necklace is made with a black plastic chain and some skulls pendant.
You can find also a Matching earrings made with dome base and skull pendants.

You can choose only the necklace or earrings or both for a perfect match.

The memento mori philosophy also stretched beyond churches and funerary memorials becoming popular objects d'art and jewelry during the sixteenth through eighteenth century. Common imagery consisted of skulls, skeletons and ...coffins.

The necklace measures 40cm approx but is adjustable on the backside for your perfect size.
Each skull is 2.5cmx1.5cm

Total Earrings 4.5
Dome cabochon base 9mm

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