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Victorian Pendant Necklace Hand Mourning

Victorian Pendant Necklace Hand Mourning

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This pendant is an inspired reproduction of a Victorian era brooch.

The base of this pendant is a delicate hand in cream or black color.

These sentimental jewels were very popular in Later Victorian Era and used the symbol of the female hand quite prevalently.Hands depicted as holding flowers signify friendship and affection.
If the flower is a forget-me-not, it is also associated with mourning and remembrance.
One of the more unique features of the hand is the cuff and the style that it is presented.
Many of the designs were standardised and set from a common mould, but the little embellishments to the cuff and any jewellery that may be on the fingers tells a tale of individuality and quality.

You can choose if you prefer a simple pendant so that you can choose which necklace or other to wear it on or choose necklace so that you already have your pendant with an antique bronze colored necklace.

The necklace measures approximately 48cm in length but has an additional chain so you can choose the right size when you wearing it.

Hand : 5.3cmx3cmHand with pendant : 6.5cm length

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