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Oswaldine the Octopus in love brooch

Oswaldine the Octopus in love brooch

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Say Hi To Oswaldine the Octopus!Vintage bakelite inspired pin brooch, in Fun Fakelite, resin.

This fantastic brooch so colorful and funny is perfect for your Valentine's outfits but also to embellish your bags or hats or sweaters in your everyday look.

A cute Octopus with fun red big eyes and little hearts pendants.

Lenght 7 x Height 6.5cm

Octopus symbolism is highly influenced by the Water Element.
This brings insight, inventiveness, cleansing, and movement into the equation.
The Moon influences Octopus as it waxes and wanes, charging the air with psychic ability.
The octopus is the inspiration also for many cultural myths and legends.Otopus meanings and symbolism include adaptation,emotions,flexibility,insight,intelligence,inventiveness,psychic Abilities,regeneration,Sacred Feminine and Willpower.

Check the perfect earrings and bangles to matching with this funny fab brooch!

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