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Lily Victorian Mourning stick pin or brooch

Lily Victorian Mourning stick pin or brooch

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This brooch is inspired by the Victorian era.

The base is made with two elegant cream lilies and two small gold-colored studs set inside.
This brooch is perfect for your sweaters, coats or shirts and also for your hats in the stick hat pin version.

The lily is simply bursting with symbolism : femininity,love,beauty,purity,fertility,transformation, rebirth,devotion and grief.
They're what makes this flower perfect for friendship bouquets, full of happiness at weddings, and solemn and serious for funerals.
Just like the Victorians, when words fail us, we find it easier to say things with a bouquet of flowers.
Lilies in particular aren't just for expressing when feel happy or cheerful.
They are the flower that we use the most at funerals and memorials.
The whiteness stands for peace and serenity, while the inherent transience of cut flowers, which bloom and die, are symbolic of life's passing.

You can choose from brooch or stick pin.

Each piece is unique so there may be some small differences from the pictures.

Brooch : 5cm x 5cmStick

Pin Brooch : H 9,5cmx W6cm

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